About Us

One of our goals this year was to cultivate a community & doing so has helped guide us to this very exciting announcement: today Southern Football Tees will officially MERGE into Sweet Baton Rouge!!


Sweet Baton Rouge will now be a one stop shop for ALL of your Louisiana lifestyle apparel & accessories! We will still have all of your favorite tees from SFT past collections, now living all together under the Sweet Baton Rouge brand! (soon to be @sweetbatonrouge)


To better explain the transition, let’s go back to where it all began! SFT, or Southern Football Tees, launched in 2011. It’s primary focus was to share our love for football, so all of the original t-shirt designs revolved around our love for the game.


As demand grew, however, we knew we needed to evolve! While our love for our Tigers remains the same, there’s so much more to love in Louisiana: from crawfish, tailgating, festivals, Mardi Gras & of course, everything local! Thus, our tees today are not just about football, but about ALL of the things we love in our city, Sweet Baton Rouge, & the wonderful Bayou State, Louisiana.


As both brands continued to grow simultaneously, we began focusing more of our efforts on Sweet Baton Rouge in late 2017. Not only did Sweet Baton Rouge launch a blog - called Sweet Baton Rouge Insider - that focuses on all things local, we also designed a logo for the Sweet Baton Rouge brand! Because we look forward to the annual migration of the White Pelicans to the LSU Lakes, we took inspiration from their last visit and Sweet Baton Rouge’s Petey the Pelican was born in April of 2018!


As all of our planning and preparing began to fall in place this year, our four-year dream of hosting a Local Pop Up Shop also became a reality. The week-long Local Pop Up Shop was held in Perkins Rowe from December 4-9 and hosted a dozen local makers and artists, which was an incredible experience for our team. The Local Pop Up Shop was a raving success in bridging the gap between local makers and Sweet Baton Rouge consumers in our community.


Leading into the planning process, we discussed the potential for our two companies to merge & after the Local Pop Up Shop wrapped, we knew our next big step was to move forward! So while this decision did not come easy, we knew it was the next step for the company’s growth, as we continue to invest not only in our Sweet Baton Rouge community, but also share our love for Louisiana.


We look forward to 2019 and all that it will bring to our Sweet Baton Rouge community. Be on the lookout for updates on Local Pop Up, Sweet Baton Rouge Insider & Lagniappe Box as we continue to work toward the mission of sharing Local Love with you!

 We will take the next six months to transition the message over to our wholesale customers to make sure the name changes is simple and seamless! 


Sweet Baton Rouge Team